Guard Services

Raven and ArchAngel Static Guard Security Services

Raven Security partners with Archangel private Security and specializes in providing professional security services to large, public environments where exceptional interpersonal skills and superior security knowledge are required, utilizing trained and experienced Personal Security Detail (PSD) operators to meet the expectations of its clients and partners. At ArchAngel our Private Security Contractors are hand picked for individual assignments for which they are qualified and provided with leadership and the tools to complete the mission.

guard service

ArchAngel goes to amazing lengths to ensure staff members are fulfilling their obligations and exceeding the expectations of our customers. Through shift supervisors, site supervisors, and our 24-hour operation communications center, we are able to supervise and support our staff. When you use Crow Security Services, you are not just purchasing services of an on-site security professional, you are buying the services of an highly effective integrated team of security professionals.

You will be amazed at the level of professionalism and expertise we are positive you will never look back.

Law Enforcement Firearms Training

Civilian Firearms Training

Security Training

Properly Trained and highly skilled Civilian and Law Enforcement instructors, offer real-world experience and training to be passed on to qualified students. Archangel Private Security offers training from the most basic firearms safety course, to highly advanced firearms and security training. This is accomplished by utilizing our state of the art training facility to provide a modern approach to training which is unmatched in the industry.