7Raven Security  offers complete camera system installations for all commercial properties and residences. As security professionals, we complete a thorough analysis for each prospective client at their property for no cost, to fit technology and NEED in the best possible way. Our goal is to give our clients what they NEED for overall security, while keeping their overall budget in mind. Protecting your property with cameras is the best possible way to ensure safety and protection of your home or business. We also offer access control, and keyless gate entry services.


cctvYou get what you pay for! Don’t be sold on a cheap clam shell box store system, they don’t last and they have very low recording resolution. most customers end up discarding them and purchasing a professional level system.


We have a vast selection of affordable analog cameras that get the job done, still have amazing image quality and wont break the bank.



Managing large IP surveillance system, Remote access, simpler, flexible and cost effective, Designed for maximum mobility and efficiency, Built-in web server, easy connection to internet, Powerful video surveillance software, Motion detection, E-mail alerts, High quality video image and detail, Wide range video surveillance solution, Reduced infrastructure cost


HD/megapixel technology enables network cameras to provide higher resolution! the Image Quality Is AMAZING!


Video –and the analytics associated with it– is certainly the fastest-developing
area that is integrating with access control. New developments allow
users to choose “intelligent” cameras that have built-in content analytics


hidden cameras  are more than just discreet ways to monitor your home or business. Theyre also powerful security tools installed by professionals to get the job done.


MAXPRO Mobile App   allows you to gain multi-purpose remote access to your dvr, via the iPad or iPhone from anywhere an internet connection is available, allowing for remote live video viewing, searching for recorded video, taking snapshots for forensic purposes, and other daily tasks – and with access to MAXPRO Cloud, users can manage and monitor video surveillance anytime.